Yolo HS offers students two introductory Career Technical Education (CTE) courses on site; Intro. to Farm to Fork and Intro. to Engineering Design.  Students also have the opportunity to take CTE courses at the Bryte Career and College Training campus.  

Intro to Farm to Fork

Intro to Farm to Fork will familiarize students with a variety of vegetables as well as health and nutrition, cooking, environmental sustainability, and small scale, sustainable agricultural production. Students will learn through in-class instruction from both a teacher and the farmers from Fiery Ginger Farm as well as hands on field days twice per week on the farm. 

Intro to Construction Engineering

Introduction to Construction Engineering is a project-based course in which the students are exposed to various aspects of engineering, technology, and trades such as in construction. Many hand-on projects will be implemented to demonstrate how these and technologies and trades are used in real-life applications. Some of the projects include: technical and trade career research, building simple LED circuits, creating electromagnets, creating simple DC motors, building solar cars, building towers, building digital circuits, building bridges, and using drafting and CAD tools to model various objects. The students will become familiar to the engineering design process during many of these projects.


Bryte CTE Pathways

Bryte campus offers students to take courses within three CTE pathways; Residential and Commercial Construction, Culinary Arts and AgScience.  Click here for more information about the Pathways.