Welcome to Yolo High School. I am privileged to continue working for a fourth year as Principal for the 2017-2018 school year.  I have been in education for approximately 20 years, the majority of which has been as a school administrator in nearly all levels of the educational system. My passion is serving in an alternative educational setting because it provides the flexibility and space to accommodate the learning needs of every student.

I firmly believe that all students are different and that every child has something to contribute, when we are able to tap into their potential and help guide them to academic success. At Yolo High School our teachers are experts at building successful relationships with students. They help identify, address, and support the social-emotional needs of students as a foundation toward classroom learning.

 We have come a long ways in recent years bringing increased resources and systems of support for our amazing students. Most notably, we are aligning our curriculum to our comprehensive high school to ensure equitable academic rigor. We have increased outreach and counseling services through the newly implemented MTSS model. Our student council is actively promoting activities that foster community. The monthly student recognition assemblies are rewarding classroom performance and creating a positive student culture.

Yolo High School is a viable college and career pathway for students who need a more intimate and differentiated learning environment. We provide online and blended learning instruction to assist with credit recovery and often graduate students early. Our close relationships with the Los Rios Community College district makes for a successful partnership supporting college transition.